Holy Shit! A Blog post!

Hi there,

So yeah, the blog is still alive. I have been really busy with numerous other projects and getting my career and personal lives in order (while waiting for the final throngs of Chicago winter to pass). With that being said, expect restaurant and whiskey reviews hopefully starting after next weekend. I’m still finalizing the restaurant review list at the moment but here is a short list of whiskey I plan on reviewing in the next few months.

Hibiki “Japanese Harmony” – Japan
Hyde 10 year – Ireland
Lophoig Scotch
Monkey Shoulder Scotch
Whistle Pig 10 year
Roughstock Montana Straight Rye
Redemption Ten year Barrel Proof
Lock, Stock and Barrel 13 Year
Bulleit Bourbon
Four Roses

Stay tuned for me to get a paycheck and to start having drinks and good food again.



And it Begins!

Welcome to “Adventures on the Line”.

I intend on making this my new project going forward and will be posting here regularly on a variety of different subjects.  Largely because Twitter limits me to only 140 characters and I hate Facebook more than Twitter.  I also need this scam blog to take off and make me some money, I’m getting too old to be a grill jockey.

With that being said, let me go through what you can expect here.

Restaurant Reviews:  My goal with these is eating at restaurants that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  You think line cooks make a lot of money?  It’s also why I will be using an anime avatar.  I don’t want restaurants to figure out who I am and decide to bend over backwards for a positive review.  I’m still figuring out how I’m going to rate a restaurant but I will cross that bridge over the first few reviews.

Bar Reviews: Same as restaurants, but there will be more to just the food and the drinks I’ll be looking at.  You are going to need to keep me entertained with a good environment and a bartender that actually knows how to work a bar properly instead of being the owner’s hipster douche cousin or love interest.

Warning:  I can taste a watered down drink a mile away and once I find it, expect your bar to be on this site’s shit list.

“Oh no, some nerd with an anime avatar thinks he’s a bad ass by threatening the bar!”

It’s also illegal to water down your alcohol and I will inform the authorities to get your license yanked. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Seibah Gets Drunk: If you have followed me enough on twitter, you know that I love whiskey and beer.  I intend on slamming straight shots no chaser sipping on ice nice whiskey and offering my thoughts and opinions on the whiskey and whether or not it’s worth a buy.

Stories from Service: Every kitchen has their own quirks and moments of “What in the fuck do you think you are doing!?!?!” You are going to read all the messed up and hilarious things that happen in the area where your food is prepared when you go to a restaurant.

Recipes: This will most likely be a summer addition largely due to the fact my current apartment’s kitchen really not suitable to do any major cooking in.  Many have seen the pictures and know what’s up.  Please bear with me on these. They are coming.

So with that, welcome and look forward to more articles and insights from a burned out line cook who is a hell of a lot better at writing than food presentation.